August 4


Money Is Not Taught In School

Do you agree with the title of this article? Whether you do or not, please read on. Our parents encourage us to finish our studies and land a job in a good company that will take care of us for the rest our life. Our teachers taught us to spend only our money to things that matter. They also encourage us to save so we will have the money to use whenever we need it.

This is basically all we get about money in most schools. We are not taught how to invest and grow our money properly. We are not taught how to create money. I am not talking about printing money because we know that it is illegal. We can create money through building businesses. It’s when people pay us for the value we offer that they need.

We are trained to be employees all along. This is why only a few of us become successful businessowners. It is imperative to learn what businessowners know.

Emerging Rich TIP: Learn about sales and marketing. This is crucial for continuity of any business.


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