Why do we exist?

Mission: To bring about a change in conventional thinking about earning and spending money

Vision: To bridge the gap between the dreams of Filipino millennial and their current reality

Neory T. Mangaliman


About The Founder

Neory finished her degree in Chemical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude in 2013. She also got licensed and started working in the manufacturing industry on the same year. She was employed for five years before joining as part-time financial consultant in June 2018. After a year, she eventually jumped to being a full-time financial consultant and entrepreneur in June 2019. She dreams of providing a life-changing opportunity to her fellow millennials for a chance to live the best life that we all deserve without ever having to leave our beloved family and country.

Why I became a Financial Consultant?

Growing up, I have always been the competitive girl who's in the top 10% of our class. I love going up on stage to receive awards for my hard work.

In the corporate world, I was definitely giving my best on each assignment but I felt like something is lacking with the recognition that I am getting.

When I became a financial consultant, awarding ceremonies with gifts and other prizes are happening regularly.

Travelling is ingrained in millennial blood. I love to explore places but I was not able to go on trips when I was still employed because "they need me in the factory." I always had to go to work even on weekends and holidays. It felt like I don't have control over my own time anymore.

When I went full-time, I got to travel to Malaysia for 7 days without me worrying for any backlog workload. I also qualified for an all-expense-paid luxury travel to New Zealand! Here, you are rewarded base on your efforts. The more you persevere, more you'll get!

Our team is dominated by millennials. I totally love the part that I get to work with people of almost the same age and likes. They are all my good friends!

We also have teammates up to 45 years old. It's a diverse and at the same harmonious organization which I love belonging to. 

Month on month, we have different incentives. Here, we went to watch Parasite at Power Plant with the recliner chair and free food.

We also have bowling, spa treatment, Samgyup, Sip and Gogh, beach outing, amusement park incentives!

Isn't it wonderful? 

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